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As Yogi Berra once famously said " It's deja vu all over again "

The Community Reinvestment Act ( as amended multiple times since 1977 ) required lax lending standards that spread to the rest of the mortgage market. That fueled the mortgage boom and bust.

Read The "True Origins of the Financial Crisis"

This misguided scheme here in our fair city is not the proper role of government

It's corrupt machine politics, Fred.

We all understand that government needs to raise money to fund it's responsibilities. But, over the years we have seen politician weaponize taxes to fund what/who they like and thwart what they oppose. Take money from one group and give it to another is not something that I think government should do. No wonder we have a divided nation!

Interestingly, Fred, a puff piece about the program is published by the N&R shortly after I posted this item.

Dick Baron is a honest reporter but he dares not tell the King he is nekid

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