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Ben Shapiro believes in God but can't prove his existence.

Some call Shapiro , in the extreme, an Antichrist for denying the divinity of Jesus. That would be okay except most of Judaism today is still waiting for the messiah who will have have markers ( Maimonides ) that will identify the true one.

That is, with the exception of Jews For Jesus.


A jew can be converted . Andrew Klavan, for instance. Take time and watch his story'


Religion and faith are complicated and intensely personal subjects. However much we might like to, we can’t control how our others feel about God, Jesus and Judaism. What we can, and should do, is make sure that when they make decisions about faith, we’ve given them opportunities to learn about the history and culture of our own heritage, so that they can make an educated decision.

The best we can do is say The Good Friday Prayer:

( It has a long history with many revisions:

"Let us pray also for the Jewish people, to whom the Lord our God spoke first, that he may grant them to advance in love of his name and in faithfulness to his covenant. (Prayer in silence. Then the Priest says:) Almighty ever-living God, who bestowed your promises on Abraham and his descendants, hear graciously the prayers of your Church, that the people you first made your own may attain the fullness of redemption. Through Christ our Lord. Amen."

Yes, Fred, we all ought to pray for their accepting Christ and their conversion. The alternative is not pretty for them, obviously.

The Jewish Encyclopedia gives some statistics on conversion of Jews to Protestantism, to Roman Catholicism, and to Orthodox Christianity. Some 2,000 European Jews converted to Christianity every year during the 19th century, but in the 1890s the number was running closer to 3,000 per year—1,000 in Austria Hungary, 1,000 in Russia , 500 in Germany , and the remainder in the English world.

The 19th century saw at least 250,000 Jews convert to Christianity according to existing records of various societies. Data from the Pew Research Center that as of 2013, about 1.6 million adult Americans of Jewish background identify themselves as Christians, most are Protestant. According to same data most of the Americans of Jewish background who identify themselves as some sort of Christian (1.6 million) were raised as Jews or are Jews by ancestry. According to 2012 study 17% of Jews in Russia identify themselves as Christians.

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