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I am not familiar with any of the candidates in the race to fill Walter Jones' seat , except Greg Murphy. In 2017 he introduced in the NC legislature the " Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention Act ". I saw this as an example of government overreach and unduly burdensome on physicians. I wrote a letter to the N&R detailing why it was misdirected.


Unfortunately it passed.

I have visited Murphy's campaign site. He has checked off all the appropriate boxes.. Pro Trump, Pro 2nd Amendment , Pro life etc but then again don't they all.

I would be interested in who is bank rolling Murphy's war chest and all the other contenders as well. Is that information available ?

Good question, Fred, and I don't know. Given the compressed, ad hoc scheduling of this primary/election, I don't know to what extent this information is available. I also don't know if he was able to use his NC House campaign funds to run for Congress in the primary election.

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