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“But instead, our progressive/socialist city council, led by Mayor Vaughan......decided to defy the ground rules under which capitalism operates. They got their grocery store and shopping center with taxpayer money.

And within the last 24 hours, we learned that the grocery store has failed.”

A little Public Choice Theory aka politics without the romance might be appropriate at this juncture.

One point that James and Jane Goodfellow aka taxpayers need to understand more clearly regarding wasted taxpayer money through notional propositions/decisions by politicos through the mechanism of government is: politicos pay no direct price for their actions regarding the waste of taxpayer money. The only price paid by such politicos is non-reelection in the next election cycle. The direct price paid for such failure falls directly on James and Jane Goodfellow.

James and Jane Goodfellow muse about “government waste”. Why so much waste of taxpayer dollars? However, one of the main answers to that question is: politicos pay no direct price for failure/failed decisions/failed crusades. If one pays no direct price for failure and the price of failure is paid by a third party (taxpayer), it is no wonder taxpayer dollar waste is constant and pervasive.

Bill, that is precisely the problem in Greensboro. There is no price to be paid at the polls for all this foolishness.

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