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"The GOP commissioners ought to reject placing a bond package on the ballot." YES !

"GOP commissioners ought to insist upon a pay-as-you-go approach for school facilities spending. Bond packages invite overspending and irresponsible choices." YES !

"GOP commissioners need to withstand those pressures and demand fiscal responsibility of the leftist school board and school system administration." YES !

Phillips & Branson, do you hear us ?

Fred, the GOP commissioners have a decision to make. The big topic now is school safety in the light of school shootings elsewhere, but if the consultant comes back with a $1 billion package, it will be for much more than safety. One board member commented that Grimsley has approximately 70 points of entry and exit. That is absolutely ridiculous if true. There are low-cost things the school system can do to enhance safety without lots of money.

Er. how about a wall ?

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