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Dems say they will not seat Harris


"The U.S. Constitution states that the House is the judge of the elections of its members and the final arbiter of contests"

Furthermore it allows a convicted felon to be a member of Congress, even if in prison. It’s up to the Senate or House to decide who may serve

Yeah then why did they seat Charles Rangel ?

" In November 2010, the Ethics Committee found Rangel guilty of 11 counts of violating House ethics rules, and on December 2, 2010, the full House approved a sanction of censure against him. During the 2012 and 2014 elections Rangel faced two strong primary challenges in a now primarily Hispanic district but prevailed."

Or why do they allow impeached Federal Judge Alcee Hastings to remain a member of the House ?

Just asking.

Fred, as I have said previously, the socialists have a particular talent of turning on a dime. They do not feel bound by traditional Judeo-Christian standards of ethics because they don't believe in them. After all, the very basis of their political philosophy represents an utter rejection of these types of ethics. Their attitude is that winning and prevailing politically is the highest ethic to which they can aspire.

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