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Fred Gregory submitted the following comment:


Still haven't found a method that will allow me to sign into comments section of you blog. It had been working for years , now all of a sudden it won't give me access to comment '

Jordan Green can also blather about his imaginary KKK . No one reads that rag except for bird cage liners and fire starter.

Ya think Jordan will write a single word about the ambush of Police in Florence , SC tonight. ? ( one dead 6 injured). https://www.yahoo.com/…/5-officers-shot-south-carolinas-220…

Nope, I wouldn't count on it and if he did he would somehow twist it and blame the police.

"Officer killed, 6 other officers wounded in South Carolina,
7 South Carolina law enforcement officers were shot, one fatally, in a confrontation with a man who held children hostage."

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