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Sixty Four years ago North Carolina was hit hard by hurricane Hazel on October 15, 1954. It was the only category 4 hurricane to hit the state in the 20th century, and by most measures, was the worst. Here is a wonderful video by WRAL that captures the devastation. Worth watching


The Great Hurricane of 1780 is regarded as being the deadliest on record and resulted in the death of 20,000 people.

The 1900 Galveston hurricane had a storm surge of 12 feet , wind speeds of 145 mph, killed 12,000 and destroyed 3600 structures .

In 1900 the internal combustion engine was in its infancy. Likewise so was fossil fuel generated electricity, yet hurricanes were extant.

Our planet had warm temps just before the little ice age

To all global warming alarmists I say drink the kool aid if you must but count me as one who believes that Mr. Sun is responsible for cyclic changes in
earth's temperature.

Fred, I heard a good point the other day. If the left truly believed that the oceans were rising because of climate change, then coastal real estate would be depreciating significantly and people would be fleeing. But there is no evidence of depreciation, or of people fleeing, because they don't truly believe it.

It is all a political ruse to undermine Western strength and prosperity.

There's no big deal here. It's just Brod still being his arrogant, self-privileged, over-the-top self, a tendency we've seen from him for many years now.

He's one of those folks who are reliably wrong, but never in doubt, when it comes to expressing this typically unfounded opinion.

Bob, I can't say that I disagree. Thanks.

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