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I haven't seen the entire line up of Greensboro's female police officer lineup but those whose images have appeared in the newspaper and on TV appear to be grossly overweight. Are there any regulations in place that say shape up or ship out ? Or would this be discrimination against the morbidly obese ?

Fred, you probably can't discriminate against the obese, but police and fire departments years ago used to have weight standards that were felt to be necessary for the job. Those types of standards were probably less likely to be enforced among existing officers than new officers.

But it is entirely acceptable to have certain physical performance standards-- for instance the ability to lift a certain amount, or run, or crawl, or climb, or push and pull a certain amount. And these types of standards absolutely must be equal for men and women. But in many places around the country, women are held to lesser standards than men so they can be hired.

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