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Well, ain't this the definition of insanity. Deja vu all over again

Jorge Cornell , a leader of the Almighty Latin King and Queen gang , came of the scene in Greensboro , preaching he could reach out to the community and help bring peace. At last a savior .


Cornell eventually ran for a seat on City Council . That didn't work out .

Then he was indicted and convicted in federal court on conspiracy and racketeering charges.

He was sentenced to 28 years.

TC: You hit a home run with this post . A lot to chew on especially the complex and incestuous nature of Greensboro's politics, Thank you

Ah .. our virtuous city slogging away in the muck and mire.

Thanks so much, Fred. It increasingly is becoming the case that conservative citizens have virtually no representation among our elected representatives-- at the local, state AND federal levels.

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