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National Heritage Academies has been a great partner with us. They have consistently provided support and when needed, a network of additional resources and expertise in helping us educate our children.

Although Jeff Phillips and I have been on the board since the begining, we have three other board members: Cyndy Hayworth, VP, Brenton Boyce, Sec/Treas., and Troy Lawson (all from Guilford County). Additional Board members through our 6 years have been Olga Wright, Robert Parish, Debra Wilson (currently head of the Summerfield NHA school), and Ashlee Wiley. Without them throughout the process, our school would not be here.

The school offers an option for east Greensboro families and we are very grateful we have been received so well in this community.

We currently offer classes for Kindergarten through 7th grade. Next year we will add the 8th grade and stop there. Our sister NHA schools in Guilford County are Greensboro Academy and Summerfield Academy. Both of those schools are rated tops in the county. We hope to get there.

So what will it take to give all our students this level of education?

Thanks, Jeff. That was great leadership for you and Jeff Phillips to take on this project and see it through to completion. I know you both have been committed to the mission to provide these kids with a much better option.

Billy, it is very interesting, but our state and county governments are paying much less per student at this school compared with the traditional government school system. It is not a matter of cost. Rather, it is a matter of management and methods and policies and culture. I will have a post tonight that discusses the issue of cost, among other things. But to give all our students this level of education, you would have to apply a wrecking ball to the usual government school model.


We are very proud of this school and would love to show it off. Should you want to have a tour during the school day, I would be happy to arrange it.

The cap on Charter Schools (set at 100 maximum in North Carolina) was lifted by the General Assembly in 2011. Now there are about 180 Charter Schools in operation in the state, 11 in Guilford County. There are more to come as the demand for other choice options in education increases.

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