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Did SCOTUs get it right in Citizens United v FEC ?

I tend to think so.



I am not sure that I agree on that one, Fred. The more I consider that decision, the more I am concerned when the courts suggest that speech is some other type of activity-- burning flags, spending on political campaigns, etc. Speech is speech-- spoken or written. Burning flags and campaign spending for advertising are other separate actions. As the years pass, I increasingly think that decision has backfired on conservatives and constitutionists. And the greatest example of its impact is the current composition of the US Senate, including our own US senators.

TC: Do you realize what a Hillary Presidency would have done to free speech ?


"It's true that Citizens United led to billions more in political spending. But all of it was spent to produce speech promoting political views. From the standpoint of free speech, that's a good result, not a bad one. True, much of that money is spent by people who want to feed from the public trough. But freedom to spend money on political speech is not the cause of cronyism any more than freedom of the press is the cause of libel.

Overturning Citizens United won't eliminate government corruption. But it will allow government to limit our speech — and with it, our right to affect the course of our government"

Fred, I think that sounds good in theory.

I am not sure that the original meaning of the constitution is that the states cannot limit what is given to campaigns.

Here is one problem. Who are all these movers of capital throwing money toward campaigns? Are they real Christians? Are they bona fide conservatives? Do they respect the constitution's limits on the federal government?

I think the answer to all three questions, much more often than not, is no. I think big money influence has moved things further to the left. That seems counterintuitive, but it appears to be the case. It was only Trump who stopped, at least partially, this juggernaut.

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