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Are they the eyesore they once were ?

Fred, their appearance is much different than they used to have years ago. Feel free to drive by or visit to take a look at what they installed on my house. It is relatively small, attached to the chimney and barely noticeable. Check out the article from Robert Brinson I linked above.

TC: Drove by your house today. You are right the antenna is hardy noticeable. Do you get Channel 40.. Fox News ?

No, Fox News is a cable channel so it cannot be gotten via antenna. If you got an antenna and you wanted Fox News, you would have to use one of the internet streaming services or, as I described in the post, obtain a special package from Spectrum-- for instance, 10 channels you would choose for a flat fee, which is what they offered me. Spectrum offered to do this via internet streaming also.

Fred, I recommend that you read the article by Robert Brinson that I linked at the bottom of the post. If you would like to check out the reception, feel free to call me.

As you suggested I read Brinson,s piece. What a maze. OMG it is a crap shoot out there or better yet Russian Roulette

But it works, Fred. And you have a better chance of paying much less for what you want to see, with more options. In my case, I am paying much less on a monthly basis and getting much more content than I had before.

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