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It is Greensboro. One party rule. I guess we should just grin and accept it ?

Fred, a couple of points. Not to be contradictory, but we must understand that this is a countywide office-- not just the city of Greensboro. We should have done better. But the Republican Party did not have a candidate.

Also, Judge Crump had a white Democratic opponent in the primary. I am not sure if she would have been an improvement over Crump. But it is fascinating that Crump could have beaten her countywide, keeping in mind that neither had a huge name recognition advantage. That is what makes me wonder about the influence of the PAC's, and any get-out-the-vote efforts they might have had. Of course, there are the other newer lefty organizations that have arisen also.

But you are right-- we might need to grin and accept it, because there is no opposition.

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