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A good point is brought up in the last section. Scowly and Blinky are always whining about "openness" from those they choose to criticize but choose to try to keep their dealings under the covers. Guess it is the usual leftist mantra of what applies to you does not apply to me.

And the door is not just opening to questioning these slimy people, the door has been open for a long long time. They have some very questionable methods overall, and do not allow any alternative views on their web site. I was banned several years ago for posting alternative views....I guess they got tired of hiring a troll for their comments section because Scowly emailed me personally that I could not post. The thing was I used similar language and tactics as their commenters but it was verboten when I did the same.

Great points, Doug. It appears this crowd is in the process of being exposed-- before a wide audience and the general public-- for what they truly are, for the very first time. It is richly deserved. Now, it is not just conservative bloggers who are exposing them.

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