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"Medicare and Social Security are the two largest entitlement programs. Anyone meeting the eligibility requirements may receive benefits from these two programs"

"Politically, Congress has not liked to change the eligibility rules and tell voters that they no longer can receive the benefits they once were entitled to receive. Yet entitlement programs are the most expensive portion of the federal budget and are a major factor in the national debt."

TC: Would the CP be able to hold a core of true believers by telling them that their sugar tit was going to be taken away. That is sadly IMHO an insurmountable obstacle. Perhaps I am too pessimistic but I am afraid hat ship has sailed. Give me real reasons to think otherwise

Fred, as this budget bill demonstrates, there are lots of violations of constitutional principles apart from Medicare and Social Security. We have to start somewhere. And the congressional Republicans have demonstrated they have absolutely no interest. The party has steadily gotten worse since the Reagan era.

And there are ways of dealing with Social Security and Medicare. Yes, there is a political cost. But right now, there is not even a discussion. We are doing our kids and grandkids a huge disservice.

I think the key is to make a decision to begin scaling things back. We can argue about the rate at which this should take place. But if you don't make that decision, the spending continues to increase; and the debt and deficits continue to increase, dramatically.

The Republicans won't make that decision.

I wouldn't give up on the Freedom Caucus , yet


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