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Joe wrote:

"I can't see any reason to turn out and vote on Tuesday. There is nobody we can feel good supporting. This is definitely a "choosing the lesser of two evils" election."

I am a fiscal conservative. For years now I have been among the leaders in calling for an end to this out of control spending. I'm running for Mayor of Greensboro as a write-in candidate-- why not me?

Thessa Pickett who is running as a write-in candidate in District 2 is a fiscal conservative as well.

And unlike your John Brown, neither of us have businesses that contract with the City of Greensboro, thereby bringing conflicts of interest to the table: http://gsoapps.greensboro-nc.gov/GSOSiteForms/frmViewPublicRequests.aspx?PREQID=4208

Or do conflicts of interest not matter as long as they "claim" to be conservatives?

Man up. Joe, give me the support I deserve.

Billy, I am afraid I have made the decision to sit this one out. Thanks.

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