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I've spoken with the Green Party leadership and they intend to execute the ballot campaign to ensure official sanction as a party in NC. They don't have full faith in the 70 percent provision, although since the party is on the ballot in 45 states (90 percent) they should automatically qualify.

The party has achieved more than 12,000 signatures on recent ballot petitions so they feel achieving 11,000 by the end of 2017 will be doable.


For the third year in a row they will be collecting signatures on ballot petitions at polling places on election day Nov. 7.

I've advocated for third parties for 30 years and will be happy to see the Greens, and others, achieve actual party status in NC.

Thanks, Jeff, for the update. I hate to see them go through all that trouble, because it appears they have already got it. But for any third party, as I understand it, they need to achieve a certain percent of the vote in order to retain ballot access once it has been achieved. Perhaps getting signatures is part of a PR/ mobilization effort as well...

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