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C4GC is too far right?

Are we talking about the same group that had to stack the deck during the endorsement process to make sure that Thom Tillis, non-conservative and a miserable excuse for a candidate (but the Republican Party nominee), got their seal of approval?

Why, yes.....yes, we are.

I think I'm just going tO leave it at that. There's no sense discussing the ongoing irrelevancies that both the Rhino and C4GC represent.

Bob, you are obviously referring to another aspect of this issue that heightens the absurdity of what Hammer is claiming. Of course, you are referring to a general election endorsement. In the primaries, C4GC used to endorse conservatives whenever possible. But as you know, Republican officeholders overall cannot be trusted, and they tend to betray their supporters, so there are no guarantees.

Joe, to your knowledge, has C4GC EVER declined to support a typical non-Conservative Republican nominee in a general election?

I am considering not voting for the first time in my adult life !

Bob, yes, C4GC has declined to support non-conservative Republican nominees in general elections. I don't have a complete memory for all the instances, but I know that has happened. As you know, sometimes the group has supported non-conservatives in general elections, however.

Fred, I hope you will vote. If I don't like my choices in a given race, I just skip that particular race. In this year's city council election, we don't have a good choice in our district-- District 4.

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