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TC:Does mean Guilford is now a sanctuary county ? If so will USDOJ withhold monies from the sherif's dept.? That is what I understood AG Sessions to have promised.

Fred, I don't know the answer to your question. But that would seem to be appropriate under the circumstances, as you seem to suggest.

A Sheriff should have the right to choose........ not to enforce those laws not to his liking. Hopefully the citizens will be allowed to choose those laws they follow as well.

That would work out wouldn't it?

Great point...

What concern is it of yours that I'm "a social justice warrior," Guarino? Isn't it enough that I provide you with accurate reporting? And how do you that "I'm quite content" with Sheriff Barnes' position? For all you know, I might not be content until I get a guarantee that no detainees are being held beyond the disposition of their local charges and handed over to ICE. Just dishing back a little bit of your sarcasm — I hope you don't mind.

No, I don' mind, Jordan. Your work can be valuable because it provides insight on happenings of which we might be otherwise unaware... even if it is written from a certain, er, perspective.

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