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Prayer When Starting Retirement

Dear Lord Jesus, I have come to an important cross-roads of my life and know that there are many unknown opportunities in the horizons of my life, and I pray that You would take my hand and guide me along the path that You would have me to go.

Thank You that Your word has been a lamp to my feet and a light to my path and as I now step out into the unknown, I pray that You would continue to guard and guide the way that I take – and thank You that You have scheduled every day of my life, including the unknowns in this retirement.

Lord I pray that this may be a wonderful new beginning for me and not the end of the road, that is so often the case when retirement arrives. Help me to seize every opportunity that arises and to explore the skills and gifts that You have given me, so that they may be used to glorify Your name.

I trust You Lord Jesus to be with me in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth and pray that I will submit day by day to the leading of Your Spirit and simply rest in Your love, knowing that You are my light and my life, my way and my end in Jesus name I pray,


Prayer Of Thanks For Retirement
Dear heavenly Father, I come to You with grateful thanks that You have permitted me to reach my retirement after so many years of service. Thank You for the health and strength that You have given me day by day to enable me to work and thank You also for those that have been instrumental in giving me work and working alongside me.

Please bless all my work colleagues and bosses – my friends and those that have mentored me over the years, and may each one be sheltered and protected by Your love and I pray that those that have resisted the gospel of grace over the years, will one day open their hearts to Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour.

Thank You for the skills that I have learned and the opportunities that You have put in my path throughout my career – and I thank You for the opportunities that You have purposed for me - that are yet hidden in the future.

Thank You for being with me throughout my working life and Lord I pray that with You at the helm, You will continue to give me many more years in Your service - so that this time of retirement may continue to be an opportunity to serve You in spirit and truth and to draw ever closer to You, until I come to be with You in heaven. Praise Your holy name for my life. Direct each future path I take and I pray that You will continue to be my ever present help in time of trouble and my constant Guide, to direct my every step, in Jesus name I pray,


Prayer For Those That Are Facing Retirement
Heavenly Father we pray for the men and women that are getting near to their retirement and perhaps are growing weary as a result of the stresses and strains of the world – or who are concerned that during their post-retirement life they will be ill-equipped to provide for their daily needs.

Comfort and strengthen we pray, all those that are in this situation and we ask that You would draw alongside each one and create in them a vision of the future that You have for their lives - with You at the helm of their lives.

Motivate them to look beyond the world’s view of retirement, which so often devalues the older generation and help them to see that with You they have the rest of their lives to love and serve You in newness of love, as You lead and guide them in ways that they may never have imagined, to Your praise and glory.

Provide we pray for all their needs and necessities of life and draw each one into a closer fellowship with You in the years ahead, in Jesus name we pray,


Prayer For Your Guidance in Retirement
Loving Lord, I thank You for the opportunity to step aside from the hustle and bustle of work-a-day living and for the opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life, in the twilight years of my retirement.

Thank You for the way that You have led me and been with me throughout my busy working career and I pray that You will not forsake me now that life is about slow down as I face my forthcoming retirement.

Keep me I pray from regretting the passing of my life and may I see this time as an opportunity to seek You more and to live in the expectation that You will open new horizons and opportunities to serve You in ways that will bring blessings to many and glory to Your name.

Help me Lord to see that as this one door on my past life is closing that the exciting door of my eternal future starts today. Thank You that I am Your child. Thank You that You died for me and that heaven is my ultimate “retirement” home and may I live the rest of my days in closer fellowship as I seek to do Your will in every area of my life, from this day forward – even for evermore, in Jesus name I pray,


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