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McDonald is correct in some respects but I know for a fact that American Jews are not a monolithic progressive bloc.

Look at that fool Angela Merkel who let into the GDR 2 million Arabs

Anyway here is a video presentation by Ezra Levant that makes my point. For wast it's worth


Yes, Fred, they are not completely monolithic. Pretty close to it, but not completely.

For instance, we have the Jewish neoconservative bloc within the GOP. Their orientation is toward a high level of foreign interventionism; and making our foreign policy Israel-centric instead of America-centric.

We also have the orthodox Jews who often are more convervative.

I would estimate the progressive/socialist percentage to be between 70-80 percent.

But MacDonald's point is that they were the key interest group arguing for opening our borders to more non-European countries such as those that are predominantly Muslim. That appears to be an historic fact based on his account.

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