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TC both you and Marc are so spot on. Has what you suggest ever been done and is it permissible under our NC constitution ? If so the Gov and GA should go for it.

Fred, I suppose if the city and county police forces were merged, it would have to be under the elected county sheriff since that is a constitutional office. I am not a lawyer obviously, but I am not aware of any constitutional barriers. Of course, one of the democratic socialist groups would manufacture some grounds to sue; and they might find a judge to give them what they want. That has, after all, been the history.

TC: Charlotte and Mecklenburg Police Depts were merged 15 years ago with the Sheriff maintaining ministerial duties of the jail/courthouse and civil processes .

Didn't seem to keep politics out of law enforcement in the " State of Mecklenburg "

I think only the Feds can take over police functions in a City/County under extreme circumstances.

The only hope for change in Greensboro is for what Ridgill suggests.. greater voter turnout of the disaffected ..otherwise it will continue to be bread and circuses .

Yes, it is a merged system in Charlotte. But a serious mistake was made when control was granted to the city. It should have been granted to the county sheriff.

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