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I will most remember Joe Killian when he came to the attention of rush Limbaugh 10 years ago

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From Rush Limbauhg:

“In the pages of ‘The Carolinian’ – the student newspaper of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro – one Joe Killian predicts mass suicide if president Bush wins re-election. He says:
‘It’s not hard to imagine that on November 3rd, if the election can be called by then (Rush: “Ahem…that’s the day after the vote), there might be a sort of grim mass exodus from this sad planet should Bush pull this election out. My generation may be particularly vulnerable to the urge to lay back in a warm bath and open up their veins as chants of ‘Four More Years’ echo horribly from every 24 hour cable news station.’
I’m not making this up. And I’ve got the whole thing here. It was on yesterday’s ‘Best of the Web’ at http://www.theopinionjournal.com. What are we supposed to do – sit around and say, we hope so? It’s like all these people who threatened to move to France in 2000 if Bush won. I haven’t seen any of them leave yet. Alec Baldwin threatened to move to France, and he hasn’t. Barbara Streisand threatened a long time ago and she hasn’t. She’s still out there in Malibu.
And now this guy is predicting his fellow college students are going to get into a warm bath, open their veins, commit mass suicide if Bush wins. It…it…it’s like I said. I guess they have no other life. I guess it’s all over if that happens.
When I was 18, or 19 or 20..no! Even today…As my book chapter says, my success does not depend on who wins elections. This is how whacked out the left has become. And they have, slowly but surely, become the mainstream of their party.”
Well – I guess having all the right people hate you is almost as good as having all the right people like you.”

Fred, I really did not remember seeing this. But that reinforces, in some respects, my point that the editors really had to intervene in order to produce an objective, unbiased reporter.

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