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Joe, I think you need to realize that our poor neighborhoods are being targeted by GPD on behalf of the City of Greensboro and Greensboro's TREBIC crowd. They are trying to push the poor-- most of whom are black-- out.

As a prime example I give you Glenwood and Bulent Bediz. A GPD officer attacked Mr Bediz on January 2, 2015 and charged Bediz, a 77 year old retired professor, with assaulting a police officer. Last month the court threw out the charges against Mr Bediz saying he acted in self-defense.

Mr Bediz is educated and has the wherewithal to fight these things. Most poor people do not.

Of course that goofball Eric Ginsburg ignored Bediz altogether because Nancy Vaughan and the rest of the TREBIC crowd butters his bread and they want Bediz's property for UNCG.

You wrote: "First, proactive policing overwhelmingly benefits African-Americans and predominantly black neighborhoods. It keeps them safer. They are disproportionately the victims of crime."

There's no reason why that can't go on, just do it as is being done in Fayetteville:

"The new chief, Harold Medlock, who was appointed in January 2013, is overhauling the department. Like Chief Scott of Greensboro, he deploys more officers in high-crime areas and faces constant demands from citizens to assign even more. But, Chief Medlock said, “they are not asking for more traffic stops.”

He said he had told his officers to focus on drivers who speed, drive drunk or ignore traffic lights and stop signs — the violations that cost lives. Because officers typically cannot see who commits a moving violation like speeding, he said, it also “tends to eliminate the disparity in who is being stopped.”

Using dashboard videos, Chief Medlock said, the department also pushed out two officers who were accused of singling out black motorists. At his request, the Justice Department is conducting a review of his department’s practices.

Traffic data show the impact of Fayetteville’s shift. In the three years before Chief Medlock arrived, slightly more than one-third of the black motorists who were stopped had committed a moving violation. The police today are still more likely to pull over blacks than whites. But so far this year, nearly two-thirds of them were stopped for a moving violation, nearly the same proportion as white motorists."

Fact is: you damned near have to try to get a moving violation here in Greensboro. We could use some better traffic enforcement.

(Sentence deleted at the discretion of Triad Conservative). The NY times really handed the GPD it's cajones on this one, Can't wait for the Department of justice to show up for its investigation.

Billy, young African-American men and boys in east Greensboro have lots of problems... lots of them. Some of them are because of the manner in which government has failed them-- local, state and federal. Some of them are because of cultural issues and practices that are self-defeating within that community. While there may be an occasional bad police officer, or an occasional bad thing that a police officer does, I don't think the police are even close to being among the biggest problems facing these young men. I think the whole issue is fraudulent. Black Americans are overwhelmingly helped by the police, regardless of whether various political operatives masquerading as journalists claim otherwise.

If the police concentrate on a high-crime area populated by African Americans, there are going to be unwanted interactions with police. That is guaranteed.


"Liberal elites have successfully kept attention focused exclusively on phantom police and criminal-justice racism while squelching even the most nascent discussion of the crime-breeding chaos of inner-city underclass culture.

We are playing with fire, writes Heather Mac Donald in the Autumn issue of City Journal."


Absolutely, Bob. Great article. Thanks...

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