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TC: That is a lot to chew on . The split you detail is indeed unfortunate . Let me begin, without naming names, that I have been disappointed in many of our elected Republicans in Raleigh ( and Washington also ) over a variety of issues. I accept that, realistically , we will never have a perfect world where all our cultural and governmental beliefs are in harmony. As Bill Buckley said in a series of editorials ( before Roe v. Wade ) at Yale " What To Do ? " :

"The battle to retain free enterprise as the fundamental economic philosophy for America is being lost, and there are those of us who mind. The battle is even being lost at Yale…. We are losing the battle for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most influential is the spirit of restlessness, of iconoclasm, of pragmatism that is intellectually au courant and that is warmly embraced by so many evangelistic young intellectuals who find…their most enthusiastic disciples in the cloistered halls of a university, where everything goes in the name of the search for truth and freedom of inquiry."

Today we face the same challenge. The same daunting question " What To Do ? "

Fred, of course, my answer is the Constitution Party. The Republican Party is quite heterogeneous. Even if you sift out the corrupt-- bought and paid for-- you are left with a bunch of folks who don't agree even on basic principles. I think loosening up the restrictions on third parties in North Carolina is necessary.

Until then, hold the Republicans' feet to the fire.

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