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TC, if in 2017 ( God Willing ) a Republican Congress repeals Obamacare and a Republican President signs such a law will NC physicians still be stuck with with the onerous provisions our GOP General assembly just foisted on the healthcare system in NC ?

I believe they would be, Fred. The computer database requirement is written into the budget and does not rely on the existence of Obamacare. And the Republicans wrote their own Medicaid reform legislation which Obamacare does not mandate.

Something else to think about


Obamacare Database With Personal Information on Millions Had ‘Basic Security Flaws’

Yes, Fred. That is precisely the point. Despite the best intentions of those responsible for these systems, they will always be subject to data breaches in various ways.

The powers-that-be have decided that controlling what is done for patients is much more important than medical confidentiality.

But the very idea that government should be forcing the collection of confidential patient medical information in a computer database that it creates is downright Orwellian.

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