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And in the end, Bernie is a socialist the same way FDR was a socialist. In short, if you support Social Security, Medicare, Public Schools, the SBA, the FDIC - these are the types of "socialist" programs that Bernie is pushing. So no big deal. Bernie is running an "issues" campaign. The issues and his positions on those issues, his proposals will stand or fall on their own merit. People can make a decision based on the facts.

Given the fact that many of these programs turned out to be a huge mistake-- and are inherently unconstitutional-- we can take little comfort in your statements.

But hey-- socialism is no big deal, right?

Wanna bet.. City Council by a vote of 8 to 1 gives Sanders Key To The City (-:

I wouldn't be surprised, Fred, if that were to happen. One could argue, however, that he ALREADY has keys to the city. If the city council were to take action, it would almost be redundant. :)

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