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TC, I'm not an attorney but couldn't the State ( the General Assembly ) go into federal Court and get an injunction against any judge shopped state court injunction obtained for the plaintiffs ( City Council or City of Greensboro ? )

Or could the State move for an expedited hearing before the NC Supreme Court ?

That raises an interesting question. Would Roy Cooper defend the law with vigor ?

I don't know the answers to your first two questions, Fred. But I suspect I know the answer to the third.

"It's time to fight. It's time to fight for public servants."

You know, this spectacle has just become ridiculous. I was a REAL public servant. And I had to SQUASHED because I called BS!!! on the wrong right people.

The "public servants" who should have stood up for me/my rights craned their necks looking the other way.

So do not tell me "it's time" to stand up for public servants. Hurl worthy.

These people are NOT "servants". They are public leeches and parasites drunk on their own power. And they are dragging the citizens of Greensboro along behind them for the change that falls out of their pockets.

I agree, Mary. These folks are all wet, and part of a corrupt status quo. But they might win in court.

George posted an item today. Of the eight district seats, there is not a single one that has a Republican majority among registered voters. And four of them have African American majorities among registered voters.

This is the plan their side-- and a compliant local media-- labeled as racist and an outrage. Absolutely unbelievable. The truth is that the plan that passed could turn out to be a real problem for policing, crime and public safety.

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