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"And conservatives need to be sure to unite behind a single acceptable candidate during primary season. Given the intentionally treacherous terrain that is the North Carolina GOP primary process, that is much easier said than done. The rules were intentionally devised to elect moderates when statewide elections are held."

Hence, the drive by state GOP collaborationist functionaries and statists to limit the Republican primary participation to registered Republicans only, thereby eliminating the possibility that independent conservatives have ANY influence in the process.

Bob, I think it's a double-edged sword. It takes out conservatives like us who have left the party; but it also eliminates those independents who are moderate.

Part of the problem is the massive groupthink that tends to occur when the establishment anoints candidates who tend to be moderate; and, of course, the lack of serious vetting. But part of the problem also is the very low barrier the party erected to run for statewide office. It seems nearly anyone can run in the primaries, and the result is that you often get a huge mass of less-than-credible candidates pitted against the anointed establishment candidate.

Having the Republican Primary 'Closed' to registered Rs would actually give us more candidates that believe in the tenants of the Party Platforn. Same is true in the Democratic Party.

The General Assembly controls this process and has until December 2015 to effect the 2016 primary season. Many County and District GOP organizations passed Resolutions recommending this change. I believe the effect would be that Republican Candidates would be more in line with the Platform.

Joe, you should recall that while I wanted Bev out, I was lukewarm (at best) with regards to my support for McCrory. His "religion" is and always has been about supporting big business no matter what.

A LOT of "suits" in Charlotte should have GONE TO JAIL over the near-billion-dollar "disproportionate share" hospital billing fiasco - that Carolinas Medical Center "oversaw" during McCrory's tenure as Mayor.

Wink-wink. Nod-nod. Crooks look after crooks.

Jeff, I tend to agree with you. I am unsure how many solid conservatives have left the party over the last few years, but if that number is large, it could water down any beneficial effect associated with a closed primary.

But a closed primary only seems just. The party ought to have a right to restrict those outside the party who do not subscribe to its beliefs. Of course, it ought to hold its elected officials to a similar standard.

Mary, I think those who were most familiar with his tenure as Charlotte mayor probably had the most justification to feel skeptical about him.

I have heard Governor McCrory say that in all of his time in public office or on the campaign trail, he has never had anyone come up to him address concerns over religious freedom or the first amendment. Perhaps the fault lies with the Christian electorate that has stayed away from participation in public policy. The fault may be with a clergy that refuses to get engaged and parishioners that grumble but do not act to make their concerns known to their representatives.

If the team never takes the field, they can not expect to win.

On the one hand, I agree with you, Jeff. We very much need more Christians to be engaged, to communicate and to participate.

But on the other hand, I think politicians like McCrory and Hardister have chosen their sides. I think they have ample basis for understanding that religious liberty is one of our first freedoms; and they ought to know better than to adopt the positions they have taken. Concerns regarding religious liberty have been well-known for a fairly long time, widely publicized and discussed.

Jeff says: "Having the Republican Primary 'Closed' to registered Rs would actually give us more candidates that believe in the tenants of the Party Platform"

Doesn't matter, Jeff.

A party that closes its primary is telling UNAs like me that I'm not wanted, nor do they need my vote or my financial support.

I will act accordingly. And I don't think I'm alone in feeling this way. the belief that I sh

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