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"The month of April is the second month where the number of people not in the workforce — whether due to discouraged workers or retiring baby boomers — was greater than 93 million."

So "retiring baby boomers" is a mark of a socialist republic? Retirements are accelerating as more and more baby boomers hit retirement age. It's funny to hear NC conservatives defend the dubious decline in the state's unemployment rate by claiming it's due to demographics, but dismiss or ignore the same explanation at the national level. If it's dubious at one level (and it is), it's dubious at the other (which it is as well).

And of course the fact that the absolute number of those not in the labor force grows is in part due to population growth. Is growth a bad socialist thing too? That number grew 1.9% in 2014. Were we in socialist hell when it grew 1.8% in 2007? How about the 2.7% in 2003?

Looking at the labor-force participation rate doesn't correct for retirements but at least it gets around the issue of population growth.

Anyway, if you really want to make your case that we're in socialist hell, you should highlight a number that isolates the effects of discouraged workers, not one that mixes it in with retiring baby boomers.

Finally, there's ample data now that shows that in an economy marked by deficient consumer spending, government austerity (which of course is the opposite of creeping socialism) is associated with lower growth and higher unemployment. I'm sure you won't find that mentioned in a Breitbart article, though.

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