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Actually, it has nothing to do with "democratic socialism." What it has to do with is the refusal of U.S. economic policy to address the actual problems of unemployment. I presume you were among those who applauded efforts to reduce the federal deficit, and I expect you were disappointed when more was not done (even though the moderately improving economy has reduced the deficit sharply). If so, then you, or rather people who think like you, are the problem.

Not all of the people who think like you and therefore bungled the unemployment issue are Republicans. One of your number, at least for a while, was Barack Obama. His 2010 "pivot" to focus on deficit issues abandoned the unemployed and was easily his biggest economic-policy blunder.

There's substantial evidence that unemployment benefits have nothing to do with the very-slow-to-recover labor-force participation rate among prime-working-age people. This was a demand-side recession, and the conservative fetish to treat everything as though it's a supply-side problem is the culprit.

In other words, sorry pal, but it's actually your fault.

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