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This was the best speech I've heard in a really long time from a politician!

Why are his words so refreshing?

Tommy, Paul is perhaps the strongest constitutional conservative among the GOP presidential field. (Cruz appears to be probably second.) I agree with you that his approach is refreshing, even if we might not agree with every single statement.

At this point, I do not support Rand Paul.

On many of the issues of importance, I do not trust him.

Here is one reason why supporting Rand Paul for president is risky: He maintains Libertarian roots which align with destructive social memes.

"You may count me among those unenthused by the prospect of a Rand Paul presidency. To understand why, look at the speech he gave in announcing his candidacy on Tuesday. Using an old and stale a rhetorical device, Senator Paul proclaimed his visions of an America he assures us would exist under his stewardship. Among these visions was this: “I see an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

Senator Paul cannot possibly be so uninformed as to think that crime is committed in equal proportions across all ethnic lines. The only explanation for including that little nugget in the speech is that he is pandering to those who cling to the discredited belief that the criminal justice system is rigged against racial minorities.

The myth of the racially biased criminal justice system has been thoroughly debunked, in my opinion most effectively by my friend Heather Mac Donald. But, like “Hands up, Don’t Shoot,” it is a myth that refuses to die. And though this myth persists, it is nonetheless disappointing to see politicians propagating it, most especially a Republican aspiring to be president."


This is just one of the many reasons I so not trust Rand Paul.

I agree with you, Bob, that he has some idiosyncratic positions like this. I think I can justify supporting him, however, in view of his fairly strong adherence to the constitution. If we were to delegate crime and policing issues to the states, where they should be according to the constitution, then the president has no real role. I think he understands federalism and prioritizes it.

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