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Thanks for sharing that Joe. I actually posted it ON MY BLOG! I had almost forgotten how the template worked.


Mary, this is a somber Easter week. We are living and seeing how the anti-Christian side is prevailing; and how Christians, and the cause of Christ, have no real temporal defenders in the public square-- even in the state of North Carolina.

But Christ is the ultimate judge, and the eternal reality.

Yes, indeed. As soon as our legacy-seeking President made his unholy deal, the Iranians were telling us he lied about what's in the deal.

Of course, this President lying to the American people is nothing new. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Don't worry that the little-hospital-that-always-could before the law was passed is now pad-locked. That lady who died in the back of an ambulance waiting on a medical chopper wasn't you or anybody you loved. It's no big thing that you cannot afford what we told you would be affordable. And hey, the IRS can't take half its phone calls, but it's going to do a really swell job policing medicine. And so on . . .

Sorry, Joe. I should have never have touched the template keys.

"They cannot truly kill Jesus-- no matter how hard they try."{

.....and they WILL continue to try.....and fail.

Unfortunately, some will never understand.

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