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TC as you point out the state does not adequately verify eligibility for Medicaid.

In 2003 the N&R reported that little or no verification was being done to determine eligiblity ( parents income.. kind of an honor system ) for Guilford County School children receiving free or reduced-priced lunches.


" About 57 percent of students qualified for free or reduced-price lunches in 2012, according to district figures."

It's 2014 I don't think much has changed.


This, albeit , on not such a grand scale as Medicaid , is still fraud. Why worry it is federal money ? An attitude that is all to pervasive in our culture.

There are plenty more examples of this profligate waste that is just winked at.

Your post just brought back to mind the school lunch program.

Fred, good recall on your part.

As we both know, there are no surprises here. They tend to judge the success of their programs according to how many are enlisted and "served". It is sad that even the Republicans have fallen into this point of view.

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