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Congratulations, TC

Thanks much, Fred.

You've put up with a lot of garbage, Joe.

You rock.

Thanks for the encouragement, Mary, although I am not sure my kids would agree with your description.:)

Yes, there has been a lot of garbage over the years-- and there still is, in some quarters. Our culture has reached a point at which this is almost automatic.

The other side uses the kind of "garbage" to which you refer as a political strategy.

Congrats, Joe. Your accomplishment as a blogger goes beyond longevity -- you are a fearless, deft, and entertaining writer.

Thanks, Ed. Those are very kind words.

As blogs fall somewhat out of fashion, and other forms of social media supplant them, I will probably be reconsidering how I will be doing this. Will probably need to make some decisions about that later.

I hope you'll retain the blog. Social media has advantages for some types of content (and for sharing blog posts) but a blog works best for longer posts, comment threads, and archiving.

". . . a blog works best for longer posts . . ."

You just gotta laugh.

"You just gotta laugh."

Yes, indeed.

The last gasp attempt to protect the lese-majeste entitlement of the blogger doesn't exist anymore in this era of Facebook dominance.

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