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Ms. Wade's proposal seems very "progressive" and fair to me.

Mary, the folks who are railing against it desperately want to preserve the current oligarchy. There is no other logical explanation.

Wow that is the clearest and most direct explanation of this city's political make up I have ever read. I hope her bill passes, I love to see those leeches squirm.

Facebook, I also hope her bill passes. Something needs to change here. Leeches, by the way, is a great analogy.

People forget that the Greensboro City Council will be made up of Residents of Greensboro, voted on by residents of Greensboro that choose to participate. Outsiders will not control our city. Greensboro People will. They will just come from different areas of our town.

This plan is allows for a more representative Council and puts control of our future, out of the hands of a privileged few (representing Irving Park, Sunset Hills and Starmount, all with downtown investment interests) and into the hands of others citizens from other parts of our city. When have we had a Council member from Adams Farm? Lake Jeanette? Friendly Acres? Warnersville? Creedmore? hmmm.

Many areas of our city have been shut out of the process in the past. This plan remedies that. Thank you for supporting it, TC.

Jeff, it is far less daunting and difficult for average citizens to run for a district seat instead of an at-large seat, especially if there is no machine support. That is one of the reasons this plan would open up the elections to people from a wider area.

There are no guarantees, of course. The council could still slouch toward its usual mode, but at least this plan affords the opportunity for positive change; and it appears to satisfy the requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act.

The corrupt crony cabal that runs this city likes things just the way they are. They know that they can maintain their power as long as the voter turnout is outrageously low.

Wade's initiative will likely go to waste if we're not able to get voter turnout to acceptable levels. The cabal will find a way to subvert the intentions of the proposal.

You are right, Bob; and we must remember that this is still a >3:1 Democratic city that proudly brandishes its lack of virtue. There is not even remotely a guarantee that Wade's plan is going to work as intended.

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