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"They (the survivors) got much better than they deserved."

Indeed. And this deplorable incident does NOT deserve a "historical marker".

Of course not, Mary. But this is, after all, Greensboro. And the merits therefore don't matter even one iota.

Our city has too much white guilt. Or our Mayor still politicking for the black vote. Probably both.

Do a simple Google search. Wikipedia. Watch the video. Everybody there had guns. The CWP came to a predominantly black neighborhood in Greensboro to use the residents their for their own purposes - inciting violence - behaving badly - ASKING for a fight.

And they got it. A few police were there (as would be the case anywhere for any rally or parade or protest) - just not in overwhelming force. I suppose everyone would be happier now if some cops had been killed.

Multiple criminal trials and lawsuits ensued. Truth and reconciliation (I do remember those days in the blogosphere). But hindsight doesn't seem to have gifted anyone with wisdom or 20-20 vision.

And really, in terms of the rhetoric, WHAT is better nearly 40 years later? What did we learn? How did the tragedy change our behavior or our speech? Because you can still yell "Nazi" or "your're supporting the Klan" at a City Council meeting because an elected official disagrees with you over the meaning of a word you want to carve in stone - and use to "teach" younger generations history. And you ultimately get what you incite - because good people are afraid of being on the wrong end of your insults. They think giving you what you want will make you go away.

You haven't "won" anything. Not really.

It's NOT the world Dr. King envisioned - or fought and died for. It is shameful.

This was my feeling toward the Susan Ladd column in the N&R a couple of weeks ago. Greensboro is no more responsible for what happened than Dallas is for JFK's demise or Memphis for MLK's. This constant wallowing in the past has hurt our city incredibly. Look nor further than Google's decision to expand their Fiber service into Charlotte and the Triangle and not Greensboro. Don't these idiots think businesses research whats going on in a city,the political climate etc. They're not going to come to a city like ours because we constantly look are putting a message out there that we've been a hotbed of racism and hate.

This action compounds actions by the Greensboro City Council to accede to the gay sociopolitical agenda; to proceed with the performing arts center; and to settle with the suing GPD officers. This is a truly horrible city council we have had here in Greensboro.

Peter, Mary, Facebook-- I agree entirely.

And let's make no mistake about it. The Communist Workers Party was Marxist, almost by definition. That means a desire to circumvent and overthrow America's form of government, and to undermine authentic Christianity.

It is no accident that nearly all of those within Greensboro who sympathized with supporting this marker also reside on the far left part of the ideological spectrum, and essentially want to adopt socialism and undermine Christianity through incremental, democratic means.

This is no coincidence. That is what we face in our own community.

"Look no further than Google's decision to expand their Fiber service into Charlotte and the Triangle and not Greensboro."

Oh, that's no problem! Our local Always Alternately Clued Crowd is ready, willing, and able to pimp for $$$ to create our very own MuniFi failure right here in Greensboro.

The whole vote was for the coming election because some need East Greensboro. I like to look at facts of the Greensboro Massacre. First the term Massacre is used to describe killing helpless people and that did not happen on Nov 3, 1979. The CWP and Nazi and KKK groups all had guns but the Nazi and KKK came better armed. The CWP had gone to China Grove stirring up the KKK and anyone with common sense would know they would come to a CWP event for payback. The whole theme of Nov 3, 1979 was death to the klan, what do you expect the klan to do. The CWP moved in on the vehicles that morning instead of letting them pass, the kkk was looking for an excuse and the CWP gave it to them. The Police failed that day but so did the CWP in planning for any payback by the KKK. The KKK members who did the shooting should of been charged, they have the whole shooting planned, they had to unlock a trunk so they had time to think and if it was self defense then they would of been shot well before they took the guns out. I hate that people died but better planning could of changed things.

Sal, I agree that ALL the parties involved acted to provoke the incident. The effort made by some individuals locally to portray the CWP members as upstanding members of society engaged in righteous activities-- or as wronged victims--is way over the top.

In fact, they were subversives-- just as bad as the Klan, if not worse in some ways.

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