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You left out bloggers.

I know. I made a funny.

I do note that our dear Edward Cone is keeping a very low profile since being appointed to the Board of Cone Healthcare . . .

. . . his reward for trashing another blogger who came to him for help.

You see how that works . . .

Mary, for this particular post, I decided to leave out individuals; and to focus only on groups or organizations. But you are right-- I could have taken this effort another step.

Just for the record, I was on the health system board for a good long while before retiring my blog. The two phenomena were unrelated.

When I did retire from daily commentary, my reasons were much the same as the ones Andrew Sullivan gave this week: I'd done it a really long time and loved it so much that it kept me from doing other things I want to do, including (like Sullivan) long-form writing.

I can say honestly and somewhat to my surprise that I miss neither the regular blogging nor my newspaper column. Glad I did them, grateful for what I learned along the way and the good things that came from them, but putting them down was much easier than I expected.

Edward, please. It's not about the timing of when you "retired" your blog, and you know it.

It's about how you were ulimately rewarded for your long and faithful service (as a "journalist") regularly bashing the crap out of a local MD who stood up to the healthcare system whose board you now sit on.

If I had not once been foolish enough to believe in the concept of "citizen journalism" . . . if I had not come to you (as the mighty "blogger-king" of Greensboro) begging for HELP (only to have you/your progressive cronies regularly chew up my soul and spit it out - I mean, MY GOD, you even ponyed-up with a violent cyber-stalker because it suited your purposes!?!) . . . if I were not someone who spent YEARS pounding the keyboards - screaming THE TRUTH about what was done to me - all to cover up for the stupid/selfish/dangerous things a physician "owned" by YOUR sacred healthcare system did (nearly killing an innocent baby girl) . . . I might buy what you're selling now.

But I don't.

We both stopped blogging. Just for the record, I had to do it because I've been black-listed (and now can connect the dots all the way back to Asheboro - not to mention all the way around to Charlotte and your hallowed healthcare system's managing partner). It does not matter how hard I work - or how good I am at what I do now. I fought back - and I am damned forever because of it.

Cone's best interests MUST be served.

I don't know what you "learned" writing your columns and blogging for all those years - but it most certainly didn't have anything to do with good medicine.

Of course, good medicine is not what hospitals are really about these days is it? We got what YOU wanted and it's killing us.

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