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"He did not develop a huge cadre of activist supporters throughout North Carolina. In fact, he willfully and roundly ignored them."

In fact, Tillis and his sycophants in the party organization went out of their way to disrespect and insult them.

Tillis may well find a way to turn it around. But he will NOT get the support of certain conservative Republicans and conservative independents.

You are right, Bob.

This is a tragic problem because of the serious need to remove Kay Hagan from office.

"Kay Hagan is a contemptible, detestable political figure who is Satan's tool in the United States Senate."

LOLLOLLOL! Tell us what you REALLY think Joe! Best comment EVER on this witch!

IMHO, Mary.... :)

Tillis should know about going negative he really smeared Brannon the last week of the primary.

Indeed, Pat.

I seem to recall that Romney went after his primary opponents with much greater ferocity than he went after Obama.

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