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"staff is recommending denial of the request from the Building Code Council on procedural grounds"?!?

So to hell with burning down the neighborhood. We must use "green" windows...

Almost seems God is mocking these environmental crusaders out to save the world. Every time they have a global warming summit it snows where it has never snowed, there has actually been no global warming since 1996, storm activity has been low since the environmental nut jobs said "see hurricanes are caused by global warming", and the ice caps that Al Gore predicted would be gone by now are at their thickest levels since we started measuring. Plus their "green" efforts have been abject failures, windows causing fires and killing birds, hybrids with larger carbon (DIOXIDE, all living things are carbon based) footprints than a Hummer, Solyndra, etc.... What a joke this movement is, and they call us deniers. LOL, I do not seem to be the one in denial.

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