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That government is best which governs least

You hit the nail on the head with the top down approach to governing. These people think they know what we need, better than we know what we need.

"They should be talking about what they themselves should be doing locally to allow growth, cut taxes sharply and otherwise get out of the way. Perhaps we need to be getting rid of zoning boards and comprehensive plans completely."

Joe, its all about regionalism, central control and the "conspiracy theory" Agenda 21.

When you have a minute, read this link....its pretty amazing considering all that is going on.


Tommy, the oligarchy in Greensboro is full of pride and arrogance. They think their way is the best way; and they have done it that way for a long time. It seems they hardly know any other alternative.

Joe, Einstein's definition of insanity fits perfect!

I know that the Agenda 21 link is a stretch. My point was that Charlottes problem is not our problem and our problem is not Charlottes problem along with every other city in the state. Thats where "regionalism" comes into play.

If we the people would turn our attention to local politics like we follow national politics and show up at city council meetings......the council members would be terrified!
"All politics is LOCAL." -Tip O'Neill

I agree, Tommy.

And the ruling class here would be among the first to buy into the kind of ideas you are describing. In fact, with regard to regionalism, they certainly already have.

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