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These people are not even close to "liberal". They are in fact totalitarian bullies. They have become the people they supposedly despise.

We are so lost as a people!

And they are hopelessly corrupt, Tommy, when they go after those they regard as their political and cultural adversaries while leaving their compatriots alone.

It's also important to notice, Tommy, how the FFRF does not appear terribly concerned with the political activities of the religious left.

The religious left are the useful idiots of the left. Remember, Joe, the ends justify the means. Thats Alinsky 101. Every good commie knows that, Joe.

As politically active as the religious left is, the conservative right church is just as asleep, if not just down-right apathetic.

Oddly enough, I heard Chuck Baldwin on the radio talking about this today. I will try and find a link to the interview and email it to you.

Tommy, one thing I did not mention in this post is all the clergy who participated in the Moral Mondays demonstrations in a highly public way. There is some overlap with those clergy to whom I referred in this post, but there were others from throughout the state.

"Useful idiots" is an apt term. And yes, more conservative Christian churches and organizations tend to be inactive politically compared with the religious left-- yet the conservative Christians are the ones Obama and the FFRF want to target.

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