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Isn't it great when Liberals and Conservatives come together to fight corruption and stand up for the rights of all Americans? Your post is so dead on target.

People need to understand that Heritage House is a neighborhood consisting of 177 individually deeded properties and should have been treated as such. Instead, the City treated it as if it were 1 property. The only difference between Heritage House and any other Greensboro neighborhood is a roof and nowhere in the law are exceptions made for roofs.

Thanks as always.

Billy, thanks for your hard work on this topic.

As I think you pointed out, the individual units themselves were not necessarily unhealthful or unsafe. Instead, it was the common areas that were most problematic.

Also, the big question is whether the city exhausted all measures it could have taken from a policing standpoint; or from an administrative/legal standpoint against the homeowners' association and/or the landlords. Could they have arrived at another resolution with regard to the water bill?

It seems they should have exhausted every possible alternative to avoid putting people out of their homes, and taking property. That doesn't mean giving the homeowners' association a blank check for free water. Instead, it means navigating the complex relationships and somehow overcoming them.

At the very least, there should have been due process; and compensation for the owners who met their responsibilities.

Indeed, it IS time for Liberals and Conservatives alike, to link arms and stand for freedom!

Absolutely, Tommy.

Very good post, Joe. I've been following Billy's posts and the Constitutional issues are troubling.

The thing is (based on my own past experience in a nearby jurisdiction), contrary to popular belief, neither the SBI nor the NC AG can/will touch this case unless a local LEO asks them to.

And if the local LEO's are covering tail for the city, it's not going to happen.

The bad guys (in this case, the city of Greensboro) and their lawyers always want you to sue in civil court.

Mary, I wonder if that has changed now that the SBI is under the control of the Governor through his Department of Public Safety.

It would be good to know for sure what precisely can trigger an SBI investigation at this point. (I remember hearing in the past about the need for a local LEO to make the request also. What I had heard certainly is in agreement with what you suggest.)

What I can't get over is how little interest there seems to be among the public in this story. The Constutionial issues you and I have both pointed out are astounding and yet the public at large appears to have bought the City's version of the story hook, line and sinker.

No neighborhood in America is safe should this be allowed to continue. Right now the City is working to declare Heritage House a public nuisance because of all the crime there but it is clearly the lack of police patrols that allowed the crime to go on and there's ample documentation to prove it.

This is an engineered land grab-- the 21st Century version of burning out anyone who won't sell cheap-- and the faster people come to realize that fact the safer all Americans will be.

Joe, according to the "Department of Public Safety" (SO LAME) website, the SBI has ORIGINAL (key word) jurisdiction in these areas:

Drug Investigations
Arson Investigations
Election Law Violations
Child Sexual Abuse in Day Care Centers
Theft and Misuse of State Property
Computer Crime Investigations that Involve Crimes Against Children

Heritage House is not state property as far as I know, so we are back to a local LEO requesting help.

Also, as I understand it, politicians are limited in terms of what they can do (or request) in law enforcement matters.

So again, the average (in this case, homeless) citizen would be kicked back to the $500/hr lawyers.

Billy, there are crime-ridden neighborhoods in Greensboro that have not been condemned. I agree with you that they used the crime issue to do what they otherwise wanted to do. I think the problems there could have been managed using other tools at the disposal of local government.

Mary, sometime I wish our county sheriff would stick out his neck and intervene when inappropriate matters such as these take place at the hands of our city government. Last year, we had the civil rights museum incident when a loan was handed over without proper papers. And now this.

Billy, I am not surprised at all.

Sixteen years ago, I thought I had rights as a public servant and physician. Laws only matter/work when they are enforced.

The general public are (is?) sheep - easily led to slaughter. They graze at their own troughs - deaf, dumb and blind to everything - until someone comes for them.

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