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Isn't John Rhodes also running as a write-in? I see Kay Hagan winning this race. There are many registered Republicans that are done with the games that are being played within the party. I myself, am one. For that reason I will be writing someone in. That is why I see Hagan winning. I would rather lose while standing on principal, than win and perpetuate this progressive garbage from the Republican party. I also know MANY would disagree with this point of view.

Yes, Tommy; Rhodes is a write-in candidate. And there is another-- I believe, Barry Gurney. They are all to the right of Tillis.

I definitely sympathize with your point of view. Rove is apparently running ads for Tillis that seemingly put Hagan to his right. (See today's Plott Hound.)

Yes, Hagan is very well positioned to win this thing. There is little enthusiasm for Tillis out there. We shall see.

And if Hagan wins, they are going to try to blame US.

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