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I am loathe to condemn entire denominations, but Steve Eblin, CEO of Randolph Hospital, and the guy who (as then President of the hospital-owned practice I worked for) forced me to choose between a baby's life and my own livelihood/happiness (all to please/appease the powers-that-be at Cone) goes to First Presbyterian in Asheboro.

He's also the guy who proposed physician bonuses for church membership (the road to Hell at least being paved with good PR for his "world-class" establishment).

Nuff said.

That's pretty amazing about the bonuses, Mary.

I think the PCUSA has reached the point that it almost cries out for condemnation. And yes, the entire denomination.

Any local congregation that stays with that denomination is accountable for that decision.

I told him my soul was not for sale.

In the settlement, which many in this blogosphere have used to justify non-profit(eering) misconduct, my voice wasn't for sale either.

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