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The "poem" was rather like an "artist" throwing paint on the wall.

Being an alumna of the medical school, I had heard the bit about the storage closet. Nice work if you can get it.

Mary, the whole media/Democratic event that was made of her death and funeral was a massive charade. Pretty shameful.

I read Flynn's piece and guessed right away that it was going to be sardonic , unlike paeans sure to come in the News and Record, in the days ahead , when he said in the second sentence, " She is survived by her seven autobiographies."

I found it amusing and passed the column around on the Internet to some friends .

Some of their responses are lol but NSFW

Fred, I am glad you were able to post your comment. It is amazing that the general public using traditional media has no way to gain a balanced perspective regarding Angelou and what she represented. They have to go to alternative media to get it.

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