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Joe wrote: "I remember the heady days last year when the Rhino Times and a local Republican/"conservative" PAC were both endorsing folks like Nancy Vaughan and Mike Barber."

Well I guess it just goes to show that sadly, when it comes to politics money is too often the real motivating factor. Who can we trust, not liberals, not conservatives, not anyone I fear, not anymore.

Regrettably, Billy, I agree.

Billy, we have got to find a way to trust one another. With the road we are traveling as a nation, if there is no trust within the average citizen, we are toast. (Nazi Germany, no trust amongst the people)

I DO NOT trust these politicians! I do trust my neighbors! (one of which is very, very liberal, knows you and says we should meet). If we do not know our neighbors, we need to take the initiative to do so. Trust only comes from cultivating relationships.

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