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These folks could give two cents about the 4th Amendment.
Just a few tid-bits I found on their website. Pictometry.com

2008 – Pictometry awarded a grant from Department of Homeland Security to create a Real Time Airborne Management System (RAMS) for capturing imagery in emergency situations.

2009 – Pictometry begins being regularly featured on top-rated television drama NCIS.

(RAMS), in other words, give them some time and they will be able to catch Mr. Smith in the act of building that shed or deck. This IS a total POLICE STATE! Isn't this what many "conspiracy theorist" have been demonized for warning against?


Here is a link to the contents of the Homeland Security Grant Program.
Application period of all new technologies are May 2014...unreal!

Tommy, it seems this is a line the county government just should not cross. But they seem overjoyed to do so.

I agree.
Again, Rockingham County is looking better everyday!

This is nothing new. I worked for the city of winston salem for 20 years (10 years ago), and they photographed the entire county of Forsyth every 5 years. And the county tax office had copys of the pictures also. They even had them digitize by the late 90's. You can go down to the county property office right now and get a photo of any property you like, all with the property lines added.

Back in 96, one eager ast director of DOT found out I had my pilots license, and thought he was going to save the city lots of money by invoking the newly added "duty's as assigned" clause in all the job descriptions, to have me fly the plane to take all the pics... So I invoked my right to sue....

Matt, if true, it seems local government has been overstepping its bounds for quite some time. But somehow, I suspect this newer technology adds another dimension.

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