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TC, these liberal/union groups and DOJ are judge shopping , aparently with some success, thwarting duly passed laws by the people and or the elected representatives




and elsewhere

Fred, you have nailed it. In the NC courts, it is possible to judge-shop. And the courts are heavily populated with liberal Democratic judges, so the shopping is not very challenging for the litigious crowd on the left.

It is amazing how dishonorable a supposedly Christian denomination-- and the various clergy joining in this action-- can be.


Before long all constitutional amendments proposed by elected representatives and passed by the will of a majority of the citizens will have been struck down by some obscure judge with robe fever, not on a sound legal basis but on pure emotion.

Yesterday an Arkansas county judge, Christopher Piazza, relying on several Federal District court rulings said the state's marriage law was unconstitutional. Self government ??


Fred, the absurdity of the situation would ordinarily make one laugh if it were not so terribly sad.

We are seeing take place on the gay marriage issue the same exact thing that happened on the abortion issue 45 years ago. We are seeing the utter moral collapse of the liberal Protestant churches and denominations.

And this issue is almost certain to end up before the SCOTUS. I would be optimistic if it did despite the DOMA decision. Diiferent question, not the same constitutional issue.

I wish I were so optimistic about that, Fred.

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